Assuming philosophy to be a certain sensibility belonging to the human being among others including religious, scientific and aesthetic sensibilities, the Philosophy Department tries to understand and philosophize in a systematical, analytical and historical manner by taking account of the features of the local and the universal within a philosophical perspective.

The study in the Department is carried on under 5 branches: History of Turkish Philosophy, Islamic Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Logic and Systematical Philosophy. These branches focus on the main philosophical topics as Turkish Philosophy and Thought, Islamic Philosophy, History of Science, Philosophy of Science, Classical, Modern and Comtemporary Logic, Ontology, Epistemology and Axiology and the important periods and processes of History of Philosophy.

The Department has an active role in philosophical circles both with its Undergradate and Graduate education. In the M.A. and PhD programs, the Department handles the historical and actual facts together and takes as its base the natural sciences, formal sciences, social sciences, linguistics and theological branches.